How to Use Exif Utility

How to install on Windows

How to install on Max OS X

How to add images and use Exif Utility

How to Copy Data to All Images

How to Batch Process Images

How to Work With PDF Files

How to add numeric values For renaming

I can’t import a folder

If the import folder option is greyed out, try extracting the original download zip file and running the Exif Utility.exe file in the Exif Utility folder (NOT the exiftool.exe command line file).

This should solve the problem.

My paypal email and transaction ID aren’t working

Please revisit the download page where you got the software. At the top of the page is the correct email and transaction ID required by our app. Sometimes it’s different to the one you got from JVZoo or Paypal.

I’m stuck I still need help

I want to help you. Feel free to connect with me on Skype my Skype ID is: bradgosse and I will do a screen share call to get you up to speed. Your business is important to me 🙂